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CATLER, Household appliances without compromise.

Welcome to the world of CATLER appliances, appliances with no compromise!

High quality materials, stylish design, use of the latest technologies, and attention to the finest details make CATLER appliances perfect for the most demanding cooks at home. Discover the home appliances without compromise, the CATLER appliances!
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Introducing CATLER

The CATLER brand offers a range of appliances that come from a manufacturer’s workshop where several world class products have won awards for outstanding design. The first product left the factory in 1932. Since then, the Australian appliance manufacturer has extended its reach to over 30 countries around the world.
It arrives in the Romanian market in 2012.

CATLER is synonymous with cutting-edge technology and great looks. With their elegant design, all products are characterized by the simplicity of forms and selection of exclusive materials, especially heavy duty die cast metals and brushed stainless steel. CATLER appliances are designed for the modern kitchen, forever adapting to new trends and technologies – once programmed these appliances work almost by themselves, communicating with you through smart displays and intuitive operation. During the development of all products, the focus is on health, safety, quick meal preparation and ease of maintenance.

With perfect processing of every detail, high quality materials, stylish design and use of modern technology, CATLER appliances are predisposed to frequent and prolonged use even in the most exacting household . CATLER products appeal particularly to demanding and active consumers who require healthy, tasty food and who consider cooking an enjoyable experience not only for those with a developed palate, but also for the other senses.

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