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SodaStream FAQ

How can I become a SodaStream retailer ?

SodaStream products are aimed for every type of person who enjoys either sparkling water or sodas. It means a lot of people ! Our products are most likely to be found in kitchen specialists and home appliances stores, in super and hypermarkets, DIY and cash and carry, outdoor activity outlets, independent stores, etc… We sell directly to retailers or to distributors, and also to Horeca.

Do you impose to buy minimum quantities ?

We sell per master pack. A masterpack is usually 4 or 6 units, depending on the product.

Do you provide POS and marketing materials ?

Yes. SodaStream is an international company with a strong marketing background. We can provide POS materials (from leaflets and stands to range displays and in-store video loops). We can also offer marketing recommendations if needed, such as shelf planograms, or best-selling spots for core displays and secondary displays in your shop. We will also study with you any specific needs.

Do you impose retail prices ?

We have Recommended Retail Prices.

I want to sell only the DrinksMakers. Can I do it ?

No. SodaStream is a coherent system of 4 elements: the DrinksMakers, and the consumables: the syrups, the bottles, and the CO2 cylinders. It is important for the customer to see the whole range in the same retail shop. And once a consumer has bought a DrinksMaker, he will keep coming back to your shop for new syrups, spare cylinders, refills of CO2, spare bottles and accessories (ice stick trays, cooler sleeves, cleaning tabs, spare caps, etc..).

How will a customer know that I am a SodaStream retailer ?

We will add your shop to our Store Locator on the sodastream.ro website, and we will suggest shop decoration (posters, banners, stickers, etc…).

Why is product demonstration so important?

Seeing and tasting is believing ! Although the SodaStream system has been known for a very long time in some countries, it is new in Romania. When a consumer sees how easy it is to make sparkling water or delicious fizzy drinks, he is convinced that it is a “must have” item in his home. We strongly suggest you keep a DrinksMaker and a few syrups at hand in your shop and offer a glass of their choice to every visitor. You will be delighted by the impact on your sales…

I have a website. Can you provide pictures and animations ?

Yes. We can provide a wide range of pictures and videos as well as suggested texts.