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FIELDMANN: Home and Garden Performance

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Caring for the garden

Garden: it is a place for relaxation, meeting your family and friends, a place requiring care. And with handy helpers you can manage it quite easily...
. Lawn Care: - Electric Garden Rotary Lawnmower - Electric Garden Grass Trimmer
. Advanced Shrub Care: - Cordless Grass Shear & Hedge Trimmer - Cordless Grass Shear & Hedge Trimmer with Telescopic Handle
. Lawn and Shrub Care: - Garden sprayer - Electric hedge trimmer - Cordless Garden Pruners
. Cleaning and maintenance: - Garden sprayer - Electric Garden Vacuum Cleaner - Garden cart

Water program

It means securing enough moisture for the whole garden, pleasant freshening or filling the garden pond.
Even in the smallest gardens you can use an immersible pump. With only its help you can very easily fill up the garden lagoon, pool, pond, or empty a rain water barrel,a septic tank.
. Water maintenance in your house and in the garden: - Clean Water Submersible Pump - Wastewater submersible Pump


A flat, a house or just a little hut… It doesn´t matter where you live but modern tools can help you make your home comfortable and your dreams come true. Try for yourself the great benefits of newest technologies for small prices. Besides drilling machines and screwdrivers, try the universal knife as well. It will surprise you by its numerous uses at home as well as in the workshop or office.
. Tools: - Universal Cordless Cutter - Cordless Screwdriver - Cordless Drill

In 2012, FIELDMANN becomes available in the Romanian market!