SENCOR: Design and quality for You

SENCOR principles

. Products driven by customers’ demands
. Quality products based on local insight
. Reliability, Trust and Differentiation

Design you like

Our appliances have been designed by experienced designers so using them is a never ending enjoyable experience. Use them every day, show them off and decorate your flat.

Warranty up to 6 years

Thanks to the combination of quality materials, production process and long-term testing, you can be sure that our products will be pleasurable companions in your everyday life.


Product Lines

. Consumer Electronics
. Kitchen appliances
. Household appliances
. Car Electronics
. Beauty and Health
. Office and telecommunication



During its long history, SENCOR introduced more than 1000 successful products distributed in 40 markets over the world on all continents. Continuously addressing high consumer needs, building relationship with customers and creating high standard company processes.
1969 - Creation of the SENCOR brand: Distributors group Celtone AG, one of the major Aiwa distributors, established SENCOR brand in Japan with key vision to design products based on consumer demand and not simply distribute products already produced. The Core tactic was to create products with a fresh look and unique feature proposition.
The first launch of SENCOR products in Europe started with the successful introduction of a tape player that became the hit model on Great Britain market with 300 000 sold units during one year. Distribution continued to other main markets like Nordic countries, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
70s - Multi Track Stereo products : In 1972 SENCOR was the first brand to introduce breakthrough multi track stereo to western European market with 100 000 sold units via Swiss chain Migros. Other successful models with new technology were introduced as well: reverse stereo, double tape stereo recorder, Jumbo Hi-Fi...
SENCOR established new branches in Kuwait, Thailand, Hong Kong, Aden and many other European markets.
80s - Unique car audio products: introduction of unique car audio products: SENCOR continued widening its distribution and opened additional branches in Singapore, Saudi, Dubai, Australia and in Latin America ( Brazil, Argentina, Panama). In Europe it successfully introduced advanced products like car radio, car tape player or double tape player.
90s- Distribution : distribution widens to 5 continents and more than 40 world markets
2007 - Ranges: More than 1.000 products in 6 products groups: TV & Home entertainment, Car Audio, Personal Care, Cooking, Home appliances, Office & Telecommunication
2011 - Corporate Design: New Corporate Design implementation
2012 – SENCOR arrives in the Romanian market.